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Andrea Adami

  • Phone: 0461314497
  • FBK Povo
Short bio

Andrea Adami earned the Italian Master degree in Materials Engineering in 2003 and the PhD in Information and Communications Technologies in 2010, both at the University of Trento, Italy. In 2003 he joined FBK-irst (formerly ITC-irst) as researcher. Since 2003 his research activities have been focused on the development of MEMS devices for chemical and biochemical sensing applications such as Ion-Sensitive FET (ISFETs) and electrochemical sensors in general, microcantilever-based sensors forDNA sensing and gas sensing applications, MEMS-based MOX gas sensors and on-chip micro-columns for chromatographic systems in gas and liquid phase. Activities on physical sensors werefocused on CMOS integrated piezoelectric tactile sensors for robotic applications, microcantilever structures for the characterisation of thin film properties and MEMS-based mass flow sensors. Currently, the main research topic is the development of microsystems and microfluidics for agrofood applications. He is currently author of about 60 papers in International Conferences and Scientific Journals. His expertise include modelling, design and testing of MEMS devices.

Research interests
Microfluidics chemical sensors physical sensors MEMS technology and devices
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