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Zero-level packaging

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The packaging of MEMS structures is considered crucial for a successful implementation of any type of technology as the package is strongly determining the overall performance of a MEMS.

In the last decade many different types of packaging solution have been developed and some of them have been introduced on commercial devices. Very recently the first RF MEMS products have become available for the consumer market, including 0-level packaging solutions.

While 1-level packaging makes use of traditional encapsulation techniques based either on LTCC type packages (high end products) or PCB based SMD type packages (low cost products), 0-level packaging approach (also called Wafer Level Packaging) can be divided into chip-capping and thin film capping. The first one is based on silicon or quartz wafers processed to obtain a cap structure which is then bonded to the MEMS wafer, the later one is based on the processes of the planar technology which protect only the mechanical structures. Both approaches are currently studied. The final goal of 0-level packaged is to combine the MEMS devices with the electronic control circuit in an extremely small building block, obtaining a relevant manufacturing cost reduction, and strongly reducing the total device dimensions.

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